The Battle of Hogwarts in a storage cupboard


The moment something awesomely spontaneous happens…The fact that they hardly ever happen tend to, increases their brilliance ,doesn’t it, and so when I ended up shut in a storage cupboard with a friend depicting a Harry Potter duel with glockenspiel beaters I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m not normally the rebellious type that creates hassle and refuses to work- in fact I’m quite the opposite, however it had been a long and tediously dull music lesson. That morning the endless talking about Oratorios had killed our inspirational creativeness needed to survive a controlled practical assessment on our chosen instrument without leaving us with severe depression. Concentration was just not happening so I went and shut myself in an instrument storage cupboard that backed on to a classroom. I don’t know why- I think I wanted some quietness XD. A minute later the door flew open and a friend scrambled inside in an attempt to hide from the dreaded controlled assessment and the cacophony of out of tune sounds. Darkness, lots of glockenspiels and a dozen double bass cases to hide behind- they were just asking for it. A Harry Potter duel was created. Beater stick wands were fashioned, Blazers turned to cloaks and the storage room became the room of requirement. Before we knew it, two young adults were fighting their way across a messy storage cupboard using only magic. Every curse was used and every spell that the two of our Harry Potter nerd brains could remember were screamed with passion and fear. Backwards and forwards we leapt over instrument cases, choreographing a fight scene. Halfway through another friend crept in and observed the proceedings as I was finally put to death by an Evadacadavra curse hurled across the room with Bafta worthy emotion. The friend looked on as with a final word I mock crumpled to the floor under a cello.

The moment after, resulted in us finding it hilarious and with childish giggles we creaked open the cupboard door to see our two music teachers marking books in silence at the front of the now very empty classroom. It must have looked comical- the smiles just vanishing from our faces, the dishevelled uniforms and the beater sticks in our hands, wavering with sudden shock.

They had just overheard the battle of Hogwarts represented during the space of 10 minutes by three hyper teenagers in a music cupboard ending in hysterical laughter.

I expected the worst.

They said nothing, then one of the teachers turned to us and raised an eyebrow knowingly.

We crept away one by one.

I don’t think we’ve ever done anything quite like that since.

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